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Monday, January 29, 2007

hay naku management information system naman!

Finally we made it possible to study management but you know what this time its different. Its no longer xerox to be memorized but diagrams to analyze and given attention to, which is more difficult than the other one.I dont know that this would be the kind of subject that I rather study late at night. On our first day in this subject we are surprised about the room simply because I think that it is composed of laboratory session. Of course speaking of laboratory Im quiete nervous then I finally understand Im wrong. As of now we dont have any serious problem yet and Im looking forward that we may finish this class without any conflicts.
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Thursday, January 25, 2007

sorry busy ako eh....

I want to apologize first for the inconvenience you had experienced on opening my blog without any new post that your addicted to read. The truth behind that was because I have no ample time to rent or even used our computers at home. But now once again Im here to tell you some of my terrific experiences. Its only a matter of one night na lang for me to study for our final examination in Management,like any other else I am afraid to fail.Simply because I dont want to have a bad image for my classmates first and foremost;to deviate from the standards from one of my greatest instructor in that subject;and to have my guilt that I failed because of being lazy.Finally it was over ,she came inside the room without even letting us to review our pieces of photo copy.In addition to that was her strictness on the permit so that situation even left me afraid about the exam and at the same time about my permit if Iwas able to bring it with me.Thanks God because I found it under my thick and crumpled xerox copy.When I got the test paper I found it difficult maybe because of the tension that bothers me. It took me an hour to possibly answer the exam. And the highlight of that moment was when I forgot the enumeration type .Its almost thirtheen items but I just have 6 answers available on my paper.I cant even recall the first five answers because of the noise outside created by none other than Jeffrey Frane.I said to myself na toxic na toxic na ako sa nakakairita niyang boses.Then fortunately I remember that the answer for no.1 is Intoxication and for no.2 is Insubordination.I dont know if I would be happy for what the damaged he made on my final exam.Atlast I'd passed my paper and said "Well Well Well thats life".
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Thursday, January 04, 2007

muning paano kung naputukan ka!

gumising kami around 12;00 oclock na kasi naman hapon pa lang ay busy na kami sa pagcecelebrate ng new year in advance. Kaso noong nagpapapaputukan na sa labas ay di ko rin napigilan ang sarili ko na di paputukin ang tinatago kong piccolo sa aming refrigerator.ang hindi ko alam habang naghahagis ako nang paputok na pakepakete ay nilapitan pala ng aking baby muning ang kasisindi ko pa lamang na piccolo eh ang dami kaya nonn na nagkalat at isa isang nagpuputukan. Natulala ako sa mga pangyayari at hindi ko na nagawang ilayo ang paborito kong pusa na itinuring ko nang sariling anak.wahhhhhh. Thanks God naman at hindi siya nabingutan matapos niyang amuyin ang piccolo na muntik muntikan nang sumabog sa kanyang mukha!!!!!!!
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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I cant believe it!

today I came to school almost late na but then I felt the warm greetings of the first year when I arrived. Prior to that was Mark Anthony whose joking that eleanor and I have a commitment. As a friend I react to that joke positively.But the good news is that everywhere I go they are telling me that I got the highest grade. Of course I dont want to believe that because for me it could be a joke for a fool like me. They dont know that deep inside I am hoping that it really was!
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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My first class with the first year!

You know what this day is very exciting because I knew from the start that we would be combined with the first year student.Asusual we made some plastikan portion before our final meeting with our instructor.She told us the dos and donts that we knew na naman from the start,by the way she said naman that its only for the late comer. And as expected I tried my very best, I mean not totally the very best of mine to stand out from the crowd. How I wish I can be the best that I can ever be!
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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Its so nakakainis!!!!

You know what dear blogger I hurriedly came to school this morning just to see my classmates but when I arrive I found out that we have no class. Eh how can I know naman that we have no class pala eh I noone texted me naman to informed me about the schedule. Maybe I really deserve naman to be defeated.But thanks god because I made naman this morning profitable for me. You know what, I watched movie today entitled "secret". I came rushing home because im hungry na!!!!
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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Friendster images

Yes I would definitely admit this because I have no reason to preserve this in my heart anymore.Just like any other guy I felt the same thing of great likes and dislikes on the girls I met. Its true that I cant even look at her on our first encounter,and I think its normal. I was once afraid to call or even smile at her. But when I knew some things about her it goes a little bit harder. Yes I made the first move but I dont think I have the ability to continue figthing for love and finally tell her that shes the girl in my dream.
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Saturday, November 25, 2006

You are the one

Hi Laiza!!!! you know what thats the only greeting that I can say in everytime I see her.And I dont know the reason why. I met her personally in our badminton class in Gulod,during that hot afternoon when almost my T-shirt is just like a rag on playing her face refresh and ask me can we play?I was not able to reply at that time because of the pressure that someone would ask me to play with her,in a stranger like me.Then I replied her with a smile and say of course yes. It was already hot and our game makes it hotter. I felt a little bit shy because she plays better than me which should not happen that way.I marked that day and promised to myself that I can be better for me to make her impressed. On the following day I came to her as playmate and everything seems fine.We spend memorable time together until we finished our PE class.I told to myself that I would soon miss her charm.
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They completed me!

Honestly speaking, Im not happy with my first SEM here in TRIPLE IT.YES my friends are here but then they are not enough to comfort and make me happy as well.But now its very cool,relaxing and exciting. Dont you know that I even rushing coming to school because of them. Since Maritess left me I never felt this way for anyoone. I started to hate myself and my classmates as well because of the pain that I felt for the second time. It took me months to forget her and Im trying to comfort myself and say that your not his boyfriend to be hurt this way and besides you are handsome and there are so many girls waiting for you to court them.Well thats life.
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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

layout for myspace

layout for myspace

Today nagbayad ako ng tuition fee ko sa admin pero hindi alam ng mga kaklase ko ang kwento sa likod nang ipinambayad ko ngayon.Before I left home my mother told me to save or to earn money because crisis would soon eat the Philippines.But sometimes I used to waste money on renting on computer shops or even buying something that Idont really needed.Im a good son but sometimes I also need to socialize with my classmates of course.Maybe thats one of the reason why im not a party hopping type because i have a deep concern on the way my money earned money for our living. But for my friends dont worry because when I get a job I would spend more time with my friends whereever they will go.
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Paghanapan nyo ang sarili nyo....nohhhhh...!!!!

Mahirap talaga kapag maraming tao ang nageexpect na ikaw ang pinakamagaling sa lahat ng bagay. Eh alam naman nilang hamak lamang akong bobo gaya ng lagi kong sinasabi.Ayon sa aking source na may source ding detective someone told daw na hindi naman talaga ako matalino, na limitado lamang namam daw ang mga bagay na alam ko eh sorry hanggang doon lamang ang ability kodi gaya siguro nya na naapawn na ang luga sa sobrang katalinuhan.Pagdating daw naman sa mga computer subjects ko ay wala naman akong binatbat.Actually I dont want to give any reaction about that tito boy pero it hurts na kasi hindi rin naman sya matalino tito boy..... nothing would comes out of my mouth becuse we are in show business wherein anyone put a little act in every move that we are making. As part of being professional the only comment that i can give is that we dont have the same level of intelligence. Magpatalino muna sya para maituro nya sa akin ng maayos ang mga bagay na hindi ko pa lubos na nauunawaan.
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Hindi ko alam kung talagang bobo ako at ngayon ko lamang nasakayan ang mga ugali ng tao. Akala ko I had established na good relationship with my other classmates here but then not so quite pa pala.even the person that I trusted most hindi ko inaasahan na tatatraidurin niya pala ako sorry sya matagal ko na namang trip na gawin ang gaya ng ginagawa nya good luck na lang.Tingnan natin kung sino ang mas magaling na artista sa loob at sa labas.
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I am so happy because its almost five months remaining na lang at makakagraduate na kami. Its almost one and a half year na kaming napasok dito with all the trials in our study.di na bale sulit naman with all the flat 1 grades na nakuha ko oh di ba. Inggit kayo no. Hindi naman, joke lang baka mainggit pa kayo sa akin makuha nyo pa akong tuitor eh di nyo naman afford talent fee ko. Back to serious moments di nga mataas ang grades ko ngayon in fact i only got 1.70 as my general average.... well thats life ayaw ko lang namang mapatala sa guiness book of world record bilang pinakamatalinong estudyante.
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Thursday, October 19, 2006

sad pero happy

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Im so sad kasi hindi pa ako nakakagawa ng first move sa special girl in my life but at the same time happy kasi takutan na naman. This is the moment that Im been waiting for. Its not because I can suck blood again but because of the long sem break with my family and friends.
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